Kindzmarauli red wine is a semi-sweet red wine produced in Kakheti near the Alazani River. Kindzmarauli wine UK is more mineral and higher in acidity. The perfect balance for the traditional semi-sweet Georgian wine.


Wine type: Red Semi-Sweet
Grape Variety: Saperavi
Region: Kindzmarauli PDO
Description: The wine is light ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a gentle harmonious, velvety taste. In it dominates flavor of plum and sweet grape juice. It tastes sweet and well-balanced.King Erekle Georgian terroir Royal wine was created in honor of Erekle II, the King of Kakheti and the whole Eastern Georgia.
Taste with: Chocolate, ripe strawberry, cakes and red fruits.
Alcohol: 12-13%


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