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We are family of wine makers from Georgia, making wines from wild grapes. These grape varieties come from the Georgian region of Meskheti, the oldest wine region in Georgia.  The last vineyards were destroyed 400 years ago and in the region of Meskheti the only wild vines that survived were from the worlds oldest vineyards.

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My brother, Giorgi Natenadze, has been making wines from these 400 year old vines for the past 15 years. He is finding vines in old villages, castles and churches and painstakingly harvesting grapes and maintaining traditional methods for producing the wine. Giorgi maps where all the oldest vines are located and produces some of the world's finest wines. Giorgi's wines are sold in many countries including Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, the USA and in many Michelin star restaurants.  For the first time, we have imported these wines into the UK for you to taste. Find out more about the "Meskhuri Red" and "Meskhuri White". 

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In addition to our family wine, we have imported natural wines from our friend's family vineyards. Mr. Amiran Vepkhvadze, Gia Chubinidze have organic vineyards located in the West of Georgia and Mr. Shota Natroshvili has an organic vineyard in the East. These are proud winemakers, producing wine from the worlds ancient wine regions and following ancient traditional methods using clay amphoras called "Qvevri".

These wines can be purchased from this online store with fast delivery. We are also supplying our wines to shops and wine bars within the UK.  For trade enquiries please contact us on


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